An A-List Investment Destination…


The island of Ibiza presents a compelling business case for investment. Ignoring that it is one of Europe’s most enduringly popular island destinations with a record 7.1 million visitors in 2016; is world famous for incredible clubs, beautiful beaches and sophisticated restaurants; is the place to be seen for the season’s A-list movers and shakers and has a uniquely laid back vibe that turns just about everyone else who arrives into an instant fan, what is really interesting for those looking for smart parking places for their money is the demand and supply “problem” within the real estate market here.

In simple terms there is an acute shortage of property both to buy and to rent. Now that technology has made working remotely a very real possibility, more and more people are arriving to the island each year to set up home. Young families wanting to escape big city life, those fortunate enough to have retired early, couples looking for an alternative to the daily grind.

The somewhat limited options for year round rental properties have pushed rental rates up significantly in the previous 18 months, and as the influx of new arrivals continues at a steady pace, further increases are naturally expected.

Owners with well maintained, well located properties are in a good position to capitalize on this demand. Super owners who go the extra mile and make their properties utterly gorgeous should have very rich pickings indeed…

Of course as well as exceptional rental potential, properties here on Ibiza are set to continue climbing in value for the foreseeable future as cool people with some money continue to flock to this small but wonderful little island. Low availability almost always equals higher prices.